How To: Color at Work

So as someone in the medical field, I spend a fair amount of time around professionals. They are busy people. These are people who wake up early to start seeing patients. If you wake up at the crack of dawn, have kids, and have to get to work where you know your patients are not caring what you’re wearing, it’s easiest to go for the basic black. That is what most women do. Fortunately, I was raised by a woman who takes great pride in her wardrobe and has no fear of color so here are some of my favorite colorful outfits for work.



The best way to do red in a professional outfit is with red slacks. I would advise straying from the brighter red tones and go for the darker or deeper ones. Instead of a red top to pair with the outfit, I would consider a cute patterned flow-y blouse. For transitioning to a fall look I would pair with black accessories and to make sure you have an outfit that is both chic and practical check out these shoes.



I am sure there are a lot of you who think about adding a pop of pink into a professional outfit and automatically go to a pink blazer. I am not judging, considering I have three in different shades of pink. However, as time goes on and fashion evolves, I strongly believe that a solid pair of pink slacks is the way to go. Once again I would urge you to stay away from the bright pink colors and go for something closer to a blush color, particularly for a professional setting. If you just have to go bright and you feel it in your soul I say splurge and go for these.



This may perhaps be the hardest color to pull off, but thankfully there are so many options. This would look great in a pair of slack, a dress, or even a jumpsuit if you are as bold in your work wear as I tend to be. The skirt in the example is probably too short for most professional settings but this dress should work perfectly. Plus, if you’re a fan of mixing colors these shoes along with a pastel blue bag would be just enough.



I tried to mix it up and find a skirt look that I loved and I couldn’t make it happen. I guess I am just a really big fan of the colored pant. Brighter linen varieties are better for summer but darker mustard varieties are good for winter. If you live in an area that gets particularly cold, you can rock a pair of tailored mustard corduroys. Be forewarned, I spent 2 years on the hunt for the perfect pair of quality tailored mustard cords only to find them in a tiny resale boutique in the middle of what seemed like nowhere. The blue blazer paired with it looks great for a more business casual look. For a more professional look I would advise pairing it with neutrals. Keep the neutrals in the range of dark browns, beige, and tan so as to avoid the harsh contrast from the black.



The above picture almost doesn’t do the look justice. I love a green button down professional dress. I would highly recommend the one from White House Black Market this season. It is a deep jewel toned one made of satin and then cut, shape, and lines are flattering on everyone. I first saw the beautiful fabric and color on my mother in both the form of a dress and a blouse before buying the matching one for myself.



Blue is hard to mess up. Navy looks good on a blazer or a skirt and for the perfect professional coat a slightly brighter royal blue can also be a chic statement piece. I like to pair navy blue slacks with unexpected colors such as black. I like the above picture because the one blue thing that I do not own is a blue pencil skirt. I don’t see them that often in stores either, but it is a fabulous look and I was able to find one from Ann Taylor that is equally as fabulous as Miranda Kerr looks here.



My personal favorite and quite possibly the least appreciated color for professional clothes. Lots of people like to pair a purple pencil skirt with a neutral palate or do a monochromatic look like pictured above. For those who want a challenge, I say pair it with a pop of color in the red, pink, or orange genres. Don’t believe this will be a good look? Check these out:

solage-via-glamour3 76

You can’t tell me that Solange and JLaw don’t look amazing in this color combo. The key to pulling it off like the best of them? Quality fabric. I love purples in a good satin or silk. Another tip: Always be sure to check your fabrics. If you’re paying more for a sweater made of cashmere it’s okay but if an item is priced high and its a cotton polyester blend, wait for the sale price and then consider purchasing.

As you guys know you are always welcome to follow on Instagram or Tumblr and submit photos. Show me how you pull of pops of color at work 🙂 I would love to reblog and regram all the fabulous looks.