About Me

Who am I and why am I making this blog?

You can call me J. I am a 20 year old medical student and no, I have no idea what specialty I want to go into yet but when I decide I will let everyone know. I have always loved hair, beauty, and fashion as a form of self expression. My friends have been suggesting that I share my thoughts with the world and I think now is finally the right time to do so. I hope to share my makeup looks and hair styles and how I get them along with product critiques and advise on what’s best to use. Since this my personal blog, you will see occasional posts regarding topics I am very passionate about and links to articles that support them. You may see things about medical research or technology, politics, or just accounts of personal experiences that have forced me to question my own views and opinions, but I promise I will limit that as this blog has a clear focus. I will try to post every week so be sure to check back every weekend for new stuff!!

What makes my blog unique? I am a medical student so by default I tend to be very scientific and analytical. In my advice I will try to offer suggestions and solutions that have had scientific support instead of old home remedies. I feel like there are a lot of people who waste money on home remedies in an effort to be their best beautiful. Let’s make sure you’re getting all you need, looking fabulous, and still keeping more money in your pocket 🙂

My goals: I want this to be a fair exchange. Feel free to tell me about things, send me links, and ask questions. All I ask is that you be respectful. If you couldn’t say it in church, you probably shouldn’t be saying it on the internet either.



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