Melanin and Highlighters

The perfect highlight is all people seem to be able to talk about on the makeup front. This girl on my Facebook has all sorts of names for the highlight game. My YouTube homepage keeps suggesting homemade highlighters. My Pinterest has the Top 10 best Highlights of 2016 as the third pin I saw when I opened it.

I am a millennial, which means I am a sucker for most things that get enough social media exposure. Due to this, I began the search for the perfect highlighters for black girls. These are things I have learned.

1. Reasonably priced highlighter is hard to find for girls on #teammelanin.

So there is the Cover FX custom enhancer drops which from every video I have watched look like a liquid highlighter version of heaven. Tragically, not all of us have $42 to drop on one makeup product. I, personally, am in school and pushing $200K in debt so I want to look like I stepped off a runway in Milan for a grand total of $25 or less.

The first thing I tried when this trend became popular was the E.L.F baked bronzer I wrote about in an earlier post. Since then I have tried their baked blushes and baked highlighters. Several of my friends who are much lighter in complexion have raved about these and to my knowledge they are cruelty free and not tested on animals, in addition to being fairly priced. That being said, their baked line is not a product line I would recommend.

I began watching a lot of YouTube videos and I noticed that if you want to have a reasonably priced highlighter and you’re deep into team melanin. Making one yourself from pigments works pretty much as effectively as buying one. This is something I tried and I have ZERO regrets.

If you aren’t into the DIY scene, the Maybelline Master Glaze Bronzer in Glistening Amber has gotten me all the compliments. The size of the glitter in this is larger than my DIY one, which has much finer flecks of gold in it. That being said I might save this more for going out than going to work but you should definitely keep it in your cabinet.

2. Gold always. The more you look like a Grecian statue dipped in pure gold the better.

I have literally tried every single one of the E.L.F facial whips. Firstly, I do not think these apply nicely at all. Either be a powder or be a liquid like the Cover FX kind. It’s hard to do highlight in anything else considering you usually apply it over foundation and powder. Who really wants to put a cream that doesn’t spread well over a powder? Not I. Also they have a ridiculous amount of silver glitter in it which is fantastic if you have all of the pigment of an albino in Canada during the winter. But silver tones do not work well with anyone in the range of caramel to ebony.

I know what you’re thinking.

You thinking to yourself: “Shouldn’t that be obvious? Why would a black girl even try that? I imagine you would just come out looking like you were silver-y ashy…”

Yeah. I had that same thought. Youtube and good lighting will have you thinking all types of voodoo is possible. It is not. Don’t be an optimist. The tragic part of this is that when I searched on Amazon for the 5 star highlighters, it gave me mostly suggestions that would only be good for white people. I need makeup brands to start coming through for black girls more in their highlight.

That is all.