Why Paper is Important

We live in a digital world. We live in a digital era. Millennials, in particular, are likely to forget how important paper is. Why write down you schedule when you can tap it into your phone complete with an alarm reminder? Why write a journal in a notebook when you can save one in your computer? Well, hard drives crash and data can be lost. I’m sure anyone reading is, at this point, telling themselves that that’s why you back up all your files.

Yes, you could keep all your namesakes and memories in digital form, but I think there is something so much more authentic and genuine about real paper. Images and words that aren’t just pictures or text but the paper they were written or printed on, the composition of the ink that made them, the time that went into them. I have kept journals since I was 7. I used to journal every day. Then I puberty happened and I only wrote in my journal when things happened with my parents or boys hurt my feelings. Then I went off to school and became so busy that my writing slowly dwindled so special life events only. Tomorrow is my 21st birthday and I will write every glorious moment down.

Today, I found something else I had written earlier – my new year’s resolution list. My new years list is more of a to do list. I make my goals very specific, reasonable, and I organize them by time until completion i.e., “6 month goals”, “goals for the semester.” Despite having forgotten all about making the list, as many people do, I was pleased to discover that I have met all but one of the goals that I had for myself. This is why paper is important over a digital file. Even when I clean my computer there is not the same curiosity that caused me to open and read through the list I found while cleaning my apartment. Just one of my thousands of thoughts of the day.



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