Head 2 Head: Makeup Removal Products

Hi Guys! So today we are talking about makeup removal. I have found a new love in life. Up until about a year and a half ago, I only wore face makeup for special occasions. My primary method of removal was when I washed my face. That’s still an option for some, but if you prefer to keep your wash cloths looking pretty, I would recommend using makeup removing wipes. I like the freshness and the feel of makeup removing wipes. Now, you’re probably wondering,  “Why wipes?” Why not a makeup remover solution and cotton balls? Firstly, let me touch upon the difference in cotton balls and cotton rounds. These are two different things meant for different things when it comes to beauty. For anything involving your face, use cotton rounds. More to the point, I prefer makeup removing wipes or pads better than a solution and any form of cotton simply because it’s more efficient and doesn’t leave behind wisps of cotton on my skin. Plus it’s more versatile. I can stick a packet of wipes into a purse for touch up or travel and not have to worry about anything spilling or it being over the 3 oz. limit.

My natural default is cheap. I am in school full time in a competitive field. My schedule doesn’t allow for an extra job so I am at the mercy of loans and my family, neither of which I like to use any more than I have to. This is the case for many of us, so we’re on the same page. I wasn’t picky about where I got my makeup remover. It was a step up from ruining my washcloths, right? Wrong. I’m not saying go out an buy the most expensive thing you can find, but be picky and check dates. A lot of times these are in the aisle at you local super market, but depending on how popular that market is and how often they restock things like that that packet of wipes could’ve been there for a while. I have had the displeasing experience of opening a package only to find they were dried out. Know your store or order online. I actually found that it was easier to ask questions about when they got the product in from the manufacturer when using Ebay or Amazon.

First Try: Garnier Clean Cleansing Towlettes


These really weren’t my favorite. The ones I got were dried out on the top, so I ended up throwing out almost half the pack to get to the ones that still had moisture. Even the ones that were in the condition they should be didn’t seen to do much in terms of getting my makeup off. Normally, I wash my face after removing my makeup and my wash cloths still did a lot of the work. They didn’t feel super soft, and didn’t smell good or bad.

  • Average Price: $5-6 for 25 count
  • Average number used: 4
  • Final Verdict: Pass on these

Trial #2: Revlon Makeup Removing Towelettes with Pomegranate and Chamomile

shopping (1)

These were better. They got more of my makeup off they felt softer and they smelled good. There is a fair amount of fragrance in these so if you have more sensitive skin or have had previous skin allergies or conditions, I would avoid these. I liked them. Were they the greatest thing I’ve ever tried for removing my makeup? No, but that probably makes these better for on-the-go touch up work.

  • Average Price: $6-7  for 25 count
  • Average number used: 3
  • Final Verdict: Go for it.

Trial #3: The Creme Shop Cleansing Towelettes with Aloe


This is what I call the “Mom approved contender.” Thankfully for me as I was running out of Revlon makeup removing wipes, my mom came into town and dropped these off. These I love for makeup removal! They are soft and plush and super moisturized. I swipe it all over and there is enough moisture for me to feel without it dripping everywhere. By the time I am done, it feels as if my face is freshly washed.  Plus these are not labelled specifically as makeup wipes, they are meant to be multipurpose wipes for skin. These are also great for sensitive skin as they lack irritating agents. I use these after the gym and they are also great for ladies who like to be thoroughly clean in the groin area during periods. So these are the perfect tool to stick in your backpack, purse, or gym bag.

  • Average Price: $6 from what I found online
  • Average number used: 1.5
  • Final verdict: Love these purely for the versatility. BUY THESE if you have an on-the-go lifestyle.

Last but not least: Signature Club A Makeup Remover Pads

$_57 (1)

This was actually the best product of the four for makeup removal. For layered on, professional grade makeup this WORKS! And the pads actually use argan oil for the removal so these are great if you have dry skin and they are significantly less likely to ever dry out. I only had to use 1 pad. I had to use both sides but still that’s pretty amazing. Plus, despite the deceptive picture this case is small, so these pads are not big. I would keep this on hand for special events to remove your makeup afterwards.

  • Price: $9
  • Average number used: <1
  • Final Verdict: If you wear full face makeup or model get these. Today. Right now. If you don’t or aren’t a model get them anyway for special events. No special events coming up? Get a life, go out, find a reason to dress up! 



One thought on “Head 2 Head: Makeup Removal Products

  1. UPDATE: Since writing this post I have also tried the Simple Micellar Makeup Removing Wipes which I would equate with the Creme Shop wipes. They are great for sensitive skin, not heavily fragranced, great at removing my makeup and a good bargain.


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