Beauty Lessons: Wig Clips

Hello every one!! Today’s post is about wigs, more specifically wig clips. So remember that wig that I was slaying in the pic I recently posted to the Twitter and Instagram? Well, that wig came with elastic in the back but did not have wig clips. Now I have seen enough videos to what they were and that some wigs had them, but before now I had not developed an opinion on them. I have a lot of hair, wig caps almost never fit me; a discovery I made as I was wig shopping. To fix that problem I had my hair cornrowed down underneath. I found that with the use of a cap the wig slid more throughout the day resulting in many trips to the restroom to readjust. I gave up on caps all together. I tried pinning it down and that certainly helped, but then I had to take out all of the pins at the end of the day and occasionally they awkwardly would pop through the lace. I decided to order wig clips off Ebay for $1.99 for a set of 6 (I ended up with extra to total 15). For those of you who don’t know wig clips look like this:


Now my wig had elastic to tighten it, but it had one elastic band with a different kind of clip that pulled on my hair every time I went to take it off. I cut off that clip, which fastened in the back, and sewed each end of the elastic to one end of a single clip. I then put in three additional clips at the front of the wig.

The result:

I love wig clips. I think it speaks to the quality of the wig if they have them already installed at purchase. They make sure that your wig isn’t going to slip anywhere! Played on monkey bars with a friend’s children and forgot I had my wig on. It STILL stayed. Get wig clips. They cost next to nothing and they make “wig life” even easier. My one piece of advice would be that if you are going to use wig clips and not use a cap make sure you are washing your wig! I give myself a hot oil treatment every 2 weeks, give or take a couple days, and usually wash my wig at the same time.


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