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Beauty Lessons: Wigs

Hello every one!! Today’s post is about wigs. I am in the process of exploring the wonderful world of wigs. So as you already know I watch a lot of Youtube and I saw some vloggers styling theirs. I have been wanting a wig for a long time now. I went to my local beauty supply to try some on last year and did not find any that I liked enough to purchase. Recently, as more and more of my friends began adopting the wig life, I went back to see if they had gotten any new models in that I might like. I made this trip with my grandmother, as she already owned several wigs and could give me advice on which ones looked better. I ended up purchasing two of them and I have only worn one so far. This is the wig that I purchased EDREAM_SW_WBY-2

I got mine in a 1B because the store that I was at didn’t have a 2. I was able to find it online in a 2, but once I factored in shipping and handling, it was going to be more expensive and my maximum that I was going to spend on a wig was $35. Yes, I know I am cheap. I know other people who invest more money into their wigs and I intend to do that as soon as I have more to invest, but at that moment I was looking for a time and money saving solution and worked with what I had.

Was it worth it?

Yes. I have worn this wig for about two weeks to a slew of compliments about my new shorter ‘do. Wigs are a great way to change up your style, or grow out your big. Plus, it has saved me tons of time in hair prep both at night and in the morning.

I wear my hair in braid about 7 out of 12 months of the year and I wear it out or straightened the other 5. This wig will decrease the amount that I have to wear my hair out or manipulate it for styling, which is great in the winter time when my hair suffers from insurmountable dryness. It will also decrease the amount that I have to straighten the entirety of my hair. FYI, I hate straightening my hair, I hate paying $60 to have it straightened even more, and most of all I hate the heat damage that seems unavoidable.

Doesn’t synthetic hair look bad?

Firstly the way I wear my wig, some of my hair is out in the front to help it blend. You should always be blending your wigs into your hair for the best look. Don’t forget the edge control. Secondly, most people can’t tell it isn’t my hair when it’s blended and that’s a testament to synthetic wigs considering I am black, my hair is all natural, and it is the hot and humid summertime. I would always advise you try on several wigs and find the best one that suits you and if you aren’t feeling any of the synthetics than let it go. I tried on literally every single wig in the store, we were there for 3.5 hours and I wanted one that would blend very well. I even asked every customer that walked in to give me there opinion no-holds-barred.

Any Cons?

Yeah, tragically this model does not come with wig clips. It comes with one elastic strap in the back. Have no fear! That is an easy problem to fix and there will be a How To post coming soon about it.


Product Review: Pure Minerals


So I watch a lot of other beauty bloggers on Youtube because generally the rule is: “See one, do one, teach one.”  Many of them use a foundation primer before they put on their foundation, but of the people I know in real life I would say I have a handful of friends who actually use primer. I wanted to try it to see if it would make any difference in my makeup. This product is Pure Minerals Prep & Prime. I purchased it after looking through Amazon for different foundation primers. Many other bloggers use ones from Mac or NYX and they seem to get pretty consistent reviews, but I was having difficulty finding things that got really positive reviews for less than $20 and that’s my maximum for any one beauty product. This product got several very good reviews on Amazon and was only $13. My general rule before purchasing is that is has to be four stars or higher out of five and have more than twenty reviews total.

Here’s my view on the stuff after having used it for a week. It says use 1-3 pumps, I used two but found it to be too much and so I switched to one. It promises to extended the wear of the foundation, cover pores and blur wrinkles, and create silky skin. It feels very smooth and moisturizing to apply which I like. It also is very lightweight so it doesn’t feel like you’re clogging your pores or adding on a whole new layer. It does extend my foundation as promised but I did not notice my makeup being any smoother than when I applied foundation without the primer, thus it did not fulfill its purpose. I am definitely going to shop around for more options.

Final Grade: B-

Update (7/2016): I use this a daily moisturizer whether I am wearing makeup or not. Normally, I dislike a lot of facial moisturizers so currently I would give it a B as a primer, but an A- as a moisturizer.


Hello Everyone!!

Question: Why am I making this blog?

Answer: I have always loved hair, beauty, and fashion and my friends have been suggesting that I share my thoughts with the world and I think now is finally the right time to do so. I hope to share makeup and hair styles and how I get them along with product critiques and advise on what’s best to use. Since this my personal blog, you will see occasional posts regarding topics I am very passionate about and links to articles that support them. I will try to post every week so be sure to check back every weekend for new stuff!!

Q: What makes my blog unique?

A: I am a medical student so by default I tend to be very scientific and analytical. In my advise I will try to offer suggestions and solutions that have had scientific support instead of old home remedies. Let’s make sure you’re getting all you need and still keeping more money in your pocket 🙂

C’est la vie